Welcome to MOVE studios and Dance Conditioning Plus!™

Since 2005 Dance Conditioning Plus!™ has been dedicated to bringing the fun back to fitness. As owner and program creator, I draw choreographic inspiration from my diverse and athletic background in ballet, modern, jazz and Tae Kwon Do. Each precisely planned class begins with a comprehensive warm-up, followed by six-eight choreographed routines, and ends with core work and a stretch. The soundtrack to DCP!™ is key to the experience, so my trained and skilled instructors and I use the most current and just plain rockin’ tunes to bring the fierce and fun level to a high in every class we teach. You don’t need to have a dance background to enjoy these workouts, just a desire to move and a willingness to let go and shake it up a bit!

In addition to our classic Dance Conditioning Plus!™ classes, we also offer a DCP!™/tutorial class designed to help both beginner and current students catch up on the newer steps and become more confident with the existing ones.

It is my dream to build a studio that will meet all of your movement needs; so stay tuned as our schedule and calendar begins to fill and grow with more diverse, interesting and wonderful programs and instructors.

Thank you for visiting our site, now come out and dance with us!!

I look forward to seeing you at MOVE soon…

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