Welcome to MOVE studios and Dance Conditioning Plus!™

Since 2005 DCP!™ has been dedicated to bringing the fun back to fitness. As owner and program creator, I draw choreographic inspiration from my diverse and athletic background in ballet, jazz, contemporary dance and Tae Kwon Do. Each precisely planned class begins with a comprehensive warm-up, followed by eight-nine choreographed routines, and ends with a light stretch. The soundtrack to DCP!™ is key to the experience, so I use not only current, but just plain rockin' tunes to bring the fierce and fun level to a high in every class. You don't necessarily need to have a dance background - though having some amount of dance experience is helpful to gain the most enjoyment from these movement-rich workouts.

In addition to the classic DCP!™ class, I also offer a DCP!™/tutorial class designed to help beginning students learn the movement vocabulary and basic dance routines, and a more advanced DCP!™/technique class to offer a deeper exploration into not only the steps, but the movement quality as well.

It has been my dream to build a studio that will meet all of your movement needs; so do check out the Calendar page to see the many other diverse, interesting and wonderful programs and instructors at MOVE.

Thank you for visiting the site, now come out and dance with us!!

I look forward to meeting you ~

KATE Malone (owner/creator) has danced professionally in Chicago, NYC and Santa Fe. In addition to her extensive dance background, she holds a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Elements of grace, strength and discipline combine to create Kate's innovative and diverse Dance Conditioning Plus!™ (DCP!™) classes. MOVE is her joy for dance and community come true.

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